Hotel Falier: venice special offers tarifs and costs

Select the special offers of your choice and make your online reservation to Hotel Falier in Venice. You will always get the best rates available for the selected dates.

These are some examples of special offers and tarifs:

* Special offers 1 – WEEKEND LOW COST IN VENICE

* Special offers 2 – SUMMERTIME IN VENICE

Stay 3 nights in our Hotel and you will get a 10% discount. Booking through our Official Website or by phone.

* Special offers 3 – 15% DISCOUNT

Stay with us for a minimum stay of three nights during the mentioned dates and you will get a 15% discount on the Daily Room Rate (Official Website Pricelist) booking through our booking online or contacting us directly. Prepaid reservation and not refundable.

* Special offers 4 – SPRING IN VENICE

Stay in our Hotel, not valid during week-ends, for a minimum stay of 3 nights and we will apply a 15% discount, Internet price list.

Hotel Falier makes you choose your special offers

If you want view all the special offers and test the period when you can use one single offer, you have to go to the Special offers menu on the top of the site of Hotel Falier in Venice.

You can see the most important special offers directly from the index page of the site Venice Hotel Falier.


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