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10 September 2011


Whether you arrive from the mainland, crossing the lagoon in the train by the railway bridge, or moor in the heart of the city from the sea and disembark from a steamboat in the Pool of San Marco or at the Zattere, the vision of Venice is an enchantment: ever, in any season.

We suggest you to visit this incomparable city now, when you may have the opportunity to experience the Venetian way of life, crossing " campielli " and walking along " calli " immersed in a peaceful silence, the inhabitants being absorbed in their everyday life.

You may visit museums, churches and palaces without submitting to fatiguing queues, and have the considerable opportunity to get an accommodation for about half the high-season charges.

All restaurants offer better service, and you may defer lunching or dining in tranquillity, enjoying superb seafood dishes or even, as we suggest, simply standing up in a " bacaro " ( typical venetian tavern ) sipping an "ombra " ( glass of wine - 1/10 liter ) and eating " cicheti " ( typical venetian mixed snacks: meatballs,
boiled eggs with caper and anchovy, cheese and ham and much more at the " Venetian way ").

To know Venice doesn't need only to traditionally visit the places of art tied up to the tourism as it St. Mark' s Square, the Canal Grande, the Basilica of St. Mark, the Rialto Bridge and so many others, but it also it is necessary to bathe herself in her culture: to cross calli and campielli, to enter an unusual world, a magic place whether to spend unforgettable days suspended between art and history between east and west

Cultural events as the Biennal d'Art, the Mostra of the Cinema, or also the famous Venice Carnival they belong to the character of this extraordinary city.

Come on and book as soon as possible:  The Hotel Falier, is happy to offer you special rates with discount of 10%  for a minimum of 2 nights stay ,  15% or  20% for a minimum of  3 nights stay,  

Every day a free tour by private taxi to a Glass Factory in Murano island, where they will show you how the glass is blowed

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